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One of the most marvellous landscapes i have ever seen, and having the mountains so close is really something fantastic. Although it is quite dangerous to be outside while sailing through it┬ábecause the wind can actually blew you away, but i just couldn’t resist it! keep it safe! xoxo

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Life Happens…

Maybe, when you have so much to say you ended up saying nothing at all, i stopped writing on my blog for a while at the begging for the small lapse of time i had in-front of the computer, to organize my photos, my thoughts and my time, i joined a cruise as a photo staff for six months, i saw remarkable things, i met amazing people, i had lovely and heartbreaking experiences, that i was not able to write at the time. And after disembarking life got a bit tough ironically the earth got as rough as the sea… the air is clearing up though, always hoping for a better tomorrow. Anyways i will try to organize all my photos, experiences and ideas and share it all here. Have a lovely day!


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