Hello Wichita!

Maybe you are just like me at the beginning, wandering where the hell is this place??, to be honest I never heard of Wichita until my boyfriend brought it out, he had to go to take a Flight Safety course and invited me to go along and that’s how i ended up there. But I’m sure that if you are a Pilot or live somewhere in Kansas you’ll know about the place.

Anyways, I stared with my research of the place and i bumped into a blog (which i lost the link) of a girl who had visited the city and got me very curious because she wrote that Whichita looks like a ghost city, during her stay she saw mainly no one walking in downtown and she even posted some pics where you could see it… i was like why?? is it a dangerous place? or what?, usually people walk in downtown, at least in the cities I’ve been, but yeah! not in Wichita!

The day i decided to go downtown i was like uhm! its a lovely sunny day!, when i realized it was 35° outside! i felt i was in Rio but with no beach and no people, all i wanted was a lovely coffee place to relax, but no that never happened, i walked the main street up and down and i found nothing, so i decided to keep walking around, snaps some pics and do my best to not die of sunburn until along the way i found a Braums which at that moment looked heavenly made just for me, not exactly the place i was after but after hours in the sun heaven haven’t been more close to Braums. Anyhow, just in case you are wandering if i saw people during my walk i have to say that if i saw 20 people on my downtown adventure, that was a lot! curious uh? I think i found out not many people walk because there is no much going on in downtown besides the trail by the river and it’s very hot!

Just in case you happen to go there:

  • Definitely go to the Wichita Art Museum, currently they have a Glass Art Exhibition which i found amazing, some pieces are just breathtaking, no photos were allowed, they also have a lovely storytelling exhibition.
  • Stop at Yayas Eurobistro, the place is very charming, the food is the delicious and the service is excellent.
  • For Shopping and dining Bradley Fair is really nice.
  • If you are looking for a place to stay, consider the Hampton Inn, the staff is very friendly and helpful, the service is excellent, they include a lovely breakfast with the room rate and the bed is beyond comfy. And you’ll find a Starbucks few blocks away (in case you are looking for a coffee place just like i was)
  • And if you still want to explore downtown, wear sunblock or a hat, take a bicycle or go in the afternoon.

And this is my storytelling, love xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Hello Wichita!

  1. brickthomas says:

    I truly your blogs format and your photography. You can even make Wichita look good. Cheers!

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