… You just get… there.

I joined ship-life a month and three days ago to be precise, pursuing dreams and experiences (photography, freedom, travel), i didn’t know what to expect from this, like really i had no idea what this was going to be like. I knew it was going to be good and as time was getting closer i kept talking to myself: what can go wrong? you are going to be living an adventurous life, on a cruise right?, you’ve lived abroad, you survived university, you speak the language, it is going to be great!!… well, now i can say it is awesome! but it took me time to adjust and get to this point when I’m simply enjoying the learning, enjoying the process… just living it all.

What i can say by far is that its one of the most challenging experience I’ve ever had in my life, its like going to a personal retreat, to be living on a ship it is really a world apart, very different from everything you think you know, and like someone told me today you either find yourself here or you don’t, and i think I’m finding myself here.

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One thought on “… You just get… there.

  1. VeraZenteno says:

    It is good that you took the challenge, I think that the experience was fantastic!!!!!

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