Dance through life

I’ve been thinking, reading and talking with people about their lives, whether they were happy or not. I’ve also been reading blogs of life coaches and stuff like that (my friend Paola laughs at me about that and makes me laugh too) but well, do whatever you have to do to find answers and keep inspired.

Anyways, all of them including myself where feeling “ok” in some aspects of our lifes but kind of bad in others, and I’ve realized that all of this is part of the ride, you will never get to have all you want at the same time, but you can learn to enjoy the journey. “Enjoy the journey” a  lovely cliche that sounds beautiful and easy, but it can be very difficult and tricky, but it is a process (I repeatedly tell this to myself whenever I’m feeling impatience) as everything in this life. With this I’m not saying you have to be conformist and bear those things you don’t like or you don’t enjoy, what I think and it’s my humble opinion which I’m trying to put into practice is that you have to think about what you want, what are your expectations, what you need and what makes you happy or put it in other way you have to know what you don’t want this life to be and when you know that you have to reflect on how can you achieve those things, make a plan and really work hard to get it done, make decisions  make mistakes, crazy things, whatever it takes. But always try to make the best out of the journey, you might never know how good it can get.

 And it is possible that in the middle of your plan you find out more things about yourself that you weren’t aware and perhaps you’ll need to modify your plan, but only you’ll know that. It is not about getting to a destination, it is not like taking a flight, it is more like building a skyscraper with no ending stories.

As it is for me, I’ve realize that at this point of my life what I need as a constant in my life is to dance and to keep improving my photography skills and knowledge. And I’ve realized that there are several decisions I need to make in order to keep creating the life i want. Have a lovely weekend!


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