Camping with the rat

We didn’t know what to do for the weekend and my boyfriend surprised me when he picked me up and told me we were going camping. We went to a place named Las Estacas, the place was absolutely beautiful and peaceful, and it had a special place for camping, where we pitched our tent and left our stuff while we did other activities around the place, not as wild as camping at the Popocatepetl, but still so much fun. We are no experts at none of these camping things, actually we were laughing because we missed a lot of useful stuff but fortunately at night we had the great idea of packing the food and putting the backpack on the top of the pile of things we had to leave outside the tent, anyways, at night when we were sleeping i heard a horrible noise of an animal scratching outside our tent, my boyfriend looked out, he saw a big fat rat running out, it was very funny at the end, then we couldn’t sleep because we were making jokes about the rat coming back. When I told the story to my best friend, and told her we were camping with the rat, she laugh a lot and she sent me an email with an image of “the rat” that went after our food that night (last picture) and well, it just made my day!. Anyhow, have a lovely weekend! and if you go camping stay out of the rats. Cheers!!!!!

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