“If you are a bird, I’m a bird…”

These are my Grandma’s birds, She is 80 years old and they are Her companion and best friends, even though My Grandpa wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of having beautiful birds in big cages. He was a freedom defender, He used to say that the privation of freedom for animals shouldn’t be allowed because the loss of freedom is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. He admired the birds in their natural environment  because flying free was always his dream. Therefore, He used to put a banana in the branch of a tree that was outside His window, and some birds called in spanish “primaveras”  (I guess their scientific name is Turdus grayi) will go there every day to eat the banana. He used to spend hours looking at them and listening  them tweet. I bet my mom has a picture of Him and the birds in that tree. He used to say that if he ever reincarnate he would be a bird… “If you are a bird, I´m a bird”.

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