Focus on the Good Stuff

At the very beginning I decided to create a blog in order to practice English and improve my writing  but true be told I never wrote a post. The months passed by and I totally forgot about this blog, then something happened… I was having a random conversation with a friend and out of the blue He asked me how my year was, and I really just answer vaguely something like “it was good”, then I asked the same question and His answer was “it was fantastic”, after We stopped talking, He got me thinking about myself, and I started to do a review of my past year, and I’ve realized mine was more than just good because I’ve accomplished some goals I had, I’ve met fascinating people, had terrific experiences and a lot of things to be thankful for… and even though if some things haven’t gone the way I wanted or I’ve gone through sad situations, it was all part of this growing up process or this thing called life. My point is that sometimes when you are feeling blue is so easy to loose from sight the great experiences that you have gone through and I’m convinced that you will always need something or someone who can remind you how great things were and how fantastic they can always get. And that is how I started with this blog, I decided to create a reminder, so I will be less likely to miss the good stuff.


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