My Favourite City

My dream is to travel all around the world, i have some cities that i would love to visit before I’m too old, on my list, i guess Bali is on the top of it. Anyways, so far my favourite city is Vancouver, located in Beautiful BC, Canada.

I had the great fortune to live there, and the city just got me in every way. The city is a dream, you have beautiful landscapes everywhere you look, the parks are clean and big, the public transportation works amazingly, you can go everywhere by bus or skytrain, or you can simply walk, the city is super safe.

Besides, If you are always looking for something new, they host many shows of all kind of types, expositions, or sport games, there is always something new going on, i really had everything i had ever dream on when it comes to “the perfect place to live”.

Also if you are a sport lover, you will be super happy in a city like Van, you’ll find public tennis courts, the parks are perfect to ride a bike, skate or just go jogging. They say is the only city where you can do all the sports at once, and i think it is true. In winter time, if you ever want to, You can go to the beach in the morning, play some volleyball or do whatever you want and in the afternoon, you can go skiing to Grouse Mountain,located right there in the city.

And let’s not forget, it has one of the best weather in all Canada, the summers there are just like being in Cancun or any beach place, and if you are lucky it will last for two months or so.

Anyways, i think i could write so much about how lovely Van is, however it all depends what are you looking for in a city or what kind of lifestyle are you pursuing, but to me, Vancouver was a dream come true.


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